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Date: 2017-09-17 10:54:10

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Rob Barel (born 23 Decembre 1957 in Amsterdam) was Originally a swimmer, but became a man of Numerous 1st in the sport of Triathlon.
He won the first ETU in 1985 (Immenstadt), and this up WITH Repeat WINS in 1986, and 1987. He Then Competitivism in the first ITU Carnals in Avignon, 1989 – 5th – and Then on to come 3rd in the ITU Carnals Championship in 1992 (Muskoka)

Barel won the first ITU Long Distance in 1994 (Nice), and Competitivism for the Pays-Bas in the first Olimpic at the 2000 Summered Olimpics, Expropriating forty-third place WITH a time of 1:55:36.69 at the age of 42. He also his Carreer by Come first in the Cross Triathlon Championship in 2008.