A Tested Strategy for Getting Published

Interested in writing, yet are not sure how or where to begin?

1. Make a list of everything that you know and/are interested in, including hobbies and work experience. Then review your list and choose an item that you are particularly interested in.

2. Next, brainstorm possible audiences, or people who would be interested in learning more about the subject, along with people who already have some expertise in it.

3. Visit a bookstore and look for magazines that cater to your subject and its readers. If the magazine’s articles are mostly written by freelancers, then chances are good that you can contribute one or more articles. Write for the magazine’s writers guidelines.

4. Brainstorm your subject into a list of related aspects. For example, if you are interested in bicycling, you will have likely included items as Lance Armstrong, racing, triathalons, helmets, endurance, training, etc. Who in your targeted audience would be most interested in one or more of those items? What main point (not a fact) can you make as a result of your own interest and background in cycling? What reasons or items will support your main point? Make a list of them. Having completed that list, you will have a blueprint of an article.

5. Review magazines as well as book publishers that cater to that subject and send a letter to each one’s editor describing your proposed article or book.

Having followed these steps, you are on your way to becoming a published writer. You will have something to say about a subject that interests you and therefore stand a better chance of seeing your words in print eventually.