How To Tighten Abs In A Fast And Health

If you are like me you let your exercise program slide during the winter. It is easy to talk yourself out of heading to the gym in wet spring weather. Something about a bowl of popcorn curled up on the couch when the weather is bad feels so much better than hitting the treadmill. However, it does nothing for your physique. If you want to get back the flat belly from your last vacation photos here are some ways how to tighten abs in a fast and healthy way.

The best way how to tighten abs fast is with the one two punch of a body fat reducing diet and an aerobic strength training program. Lowering your body fat will make it easier to see the tight abs you have. A diet high in protein and complex carbohydrates will fuel your exercises, help build muscle and keep your appetite satisfied longer. Lean proteins are chicken breasts, turkey, fish and any cut labeled loin. Combine your lean protein on a plate with a complex carbohydrate like whole grain pastas. Processed foods and and diets high in carbs can add fat to the belly and absorb water contributing to the bloated tire around the waist affect.

Your current level of fitness of course will contribute to how fast you attain your tight swimsuit ready abs. You should see a loss of about two pounds a week. Be realistic in this diet change and don’t expect results right away. Starving yourself for faster results is a lesson in how to tighten abs in a fast and unhealthy way; you will see that weight return and more.

With your body all energized with good healthy foods you need to kick your metabolism into high gear with aerobic exercise five times a week. The usual three day a week exercise plan is fine for a gradual weight loss or maintenance but five days a week is how to tighten abs in a fast healthy way. Get a heart rate monitor so you can track how hard you are working and know that you want to put in an effort of 75-80 percent.

Swimming, cycling, running or working an elliptical machine, which is easier on your knees, are ideal exercises because they work the total body large and small muscle groups reving your metabolism. You may even try a kind of triathalon in your workout by mixing up ten minutes of each of these exercises. Variety is necessary to continual results. Suck in your belly to your lower back, for additional toning and to establish muscle memory, in every exercise. After your aerobic workout the old classic crunches and sit ups will build and define abdominal muscles but variety and proper form are key here. Some ideas how to tighten abs in a fast way is to add some yoga core strengthening moves like pilates to keep the abs from plateauing.

There is no one way to an overnight flat and taut tummy. The best methods how to tighten abs in a fast and healthy way are to eat a good diet and aerobic/strength training. If you employ the methods consistently and with diligence you will be able to hop back into your swimsuit or button up your slacks with confidence.