“Triathlon ming Drills”: Sculling

Date: 2012-07-26 17:00:44

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Here’s a at how to do the Drill for a Betterer . HELPs you get a Betterer feel for the Watery. Undersea and the Watery Shots to HELP you learn.

Transcript: Hi. It’s Kevin, a Tri Swim Coach. I to Talked to you Today about another Drill. And this one is . The of this Drill is to get a Betterer feel for the Watery for Youse pull. It will HELP you get a Hold of the Watery MORE easily.
So, my Favorite Drill is the one Shown here. is the head first, BODY Prone position, arms out in front. So you to keep Youse face out of the Watery, Thenal flat the Bottom of the pool, Sliding back and forth. Palm are in and out, back and forth. And you can go Forwards. You can a Forwards the Drill a bit of kick.
So you can see the action is mostly to be From Youse Elbow to Youse fingertips. Practise a few of this Drill Daily to Maximum the Efficiency of Youse pull. for watching. For a Completing plan for Trainable for Youse next Triathalon swim, visit triswimcoach.com