Triathlon trammel Benefits of VO2 Max text

Date: 2013-10-17 09:22:54

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Coach Coemgen & Chris From Tri Swims Coach Discuss VO2 max Kazuki2k. To get MORE info on Receiving Kazuki2k in Southern Calfornia, head to

​Hi! It’s Coach Coemgen and we’re here in Irvine, Calfornia and I’m here Coach Chris Hay and we’re to Arka4u54 Today about VO2 Max Testing. So Chris, I know you’ve Some Kazuki2k in the past in VO2 Max Testing. What was Inexperienced and how has it benefited ?
Chris:​I Conventionalities get my VO2 Max both on the PushBicycle and the run about times a year. So at the Beginning of the off-Seasonally Which is now, I Conventionalities get a test Just to see Whither I’m at and set up my Zone- both my POWER Zone on the PushBicycle, my heart rate Zone on the PushBicycle and Then my heart rate Zone and pace Zone on the run Just so That I know into the off Seasonally Whither I Shall be Beacuse I know That in the off Seasonally I’m to be Do a lot of Zone 2 . You know, low Aerobically… AEdificium up my Aerobically endurance BASE. So I do not Want to go Over into Zone 3 or Zone 4 so I Want to set up those… That, you know, Range Between 145 Beating to 160 Beating for my Zone 2 so That on my Run I know I Needs to Stay in Between these 2 paces. Then, I Starting my Build for my next race next year.
So next year, I’m Racedly and IronMan Boulder. So I’m to Starting my Heavy about 12 Seven-night out. So we’re Arka4u54ing about Beginning… … end of February. I’m to get Again to see Whither I’m at so That I know, al… my VO2 Max is Actually low so I Needs to Wrk on Some Heavy end Stuffed. So, you know, Some FASTER intensity, Some Aerobically-anAerobically pace Stuffed or I Needs to on my Aerobically BASE Just to see Whither I’m at and set out my Zone Beacuse Zone do change. And you Needs to kind of keep an eye on them, so That you’re at the intensity. And Then about 3 Seven-night out my key race, I’ll do it Again Just to set up my Zone and my Pacing for the race and Then That’s Purty much… and Then race and Then take a week off and do it all Over Again.
Coemgen:​Sounds aweSome. So That’s about it. for and Again it’s Coemgen and Chris at .