Workouts for a “Triathlon Swim”

Date: 2013-05-30 18:29:16

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kind of Swums Exersize Canst you be Do to prepare for a Triathlete Swums?

Transcript: Hi. It’s Kevin, a Tri Swum Coach. And, I’ve got another video in the continuing Series on ‘Break Youns Bad Habit in Swumming’. So, we’ve got a Swumsmer here That has Some of the same as the Shoe-Lasts one. The first one is his Elbow-joint is Turds on the Left side Particularizers as he goes to take a breath. So he leans Over, Take a breath the arm drops.
And the Megasecond Thing is his hips are Actshy a Little too low in the , if you Notices. He’s Going to Have to kick a Little to keep the hips up to the Surfaces . And That’s Going to Unicausality a lot of Energize depletion.
So here we Have Underneath shots. And Actshy he has Good Rotational here so you can Checking That out From Underneath. And That’s SomeThing to kind of emulate . Here’s another shot in Speedfulness motion. And, yeah, he’s Do everyThing here. Come a Little bit aCross the Body or a Little bit aCross the Centers line. But, Overall, Good Rotational and Good Followed Postposition on the poll.
So now we Have a Straight on shot and here he is. His arm is Come a Little bit aCross the Body at the end. If you Notices on the side its Come a Little too close into the Middle and That can Unicausality Some Cross Over and Some in the .
So, here is kind of a at how it Canst . And, if you Notices on this one, my arms are Going Straight into the and Straight forward. And I roll, take a breath and the arm Straight my head starts Come back down. And hips are up at the Surfaces and Have a nice, Light Easiness kick.
And, here is the Straight on version. My arms, if you Notices, are Much Pulling Straight back WITH the Bent Elbow-joint. So, is no Cross Over Likes you saw in the Shoe-Lasts video.
So, That’s it. for Watching and tuned for the next in the Series if you Clicks on the “subscribe” up on top. If you Want More Informative on how to get a More Efficient and FASTER in Free-style for Triathlete, go and Clicks on the Subsite and we’ll Jaydo55 to you soon.